Dibujos por la Amazonía, inspired by the Brazilian project 300 Desenhos, brings together a voluntary group of visual artists with the aim of helping indigenous Amazonian communities in Peru. All the funds collected will be given to three social organizations that are playing a decisive role in communication, care and assistance facing the health emergency: the Apostolic Vicariate of Iquitos, Radio Ucamara in Nauta, and Coshikox (Shipibo-Konibo and Xetebo council) in Pucallpa. 310 artists from different professional stages and ages have donated 490 artworks in A4 format (approximate). Textiles, photographs, digital prints, and engravings are some of them, although most of the artworks are drawings. This fascinating artwork collection will be distributed among the donors of the project. A one-time donation fee of US$ 50 is requested.




Acknowledgments and credits:

We greatly appreciate the generous support provided by the artists. This project is supported by the volunteer work of the people involved. The organizing team is made up by Christian Bendayán, Nancy La Rosa, Miguel A. López, Eliana Otta, and Juan Salas; the coordination and communications team is made up by Mariela Arce, Jimena Chávez Delion, Claudia Coca, Deborah Delgado, Giselle Girón, Ivonne Sheen, and Jana Ugaz; the design, programming, and website team is made up by José-Carlos Mariátegui, Natalia Revilla, and Fernando Ramos. The translation to English was carried out by Max Hernández Calvo, Eduardo García S. y Martín Campos. We appreciate the dialogues, advisory, and collaboration provided by Gala Berger, Manuel Cornejo, Sairah Espinoza, Father Miguel Fuertes, Sharon Lerner, Ronald Suárez, Olinda Silvano, Leonardo Tello Imaina, and the Amazonian Anthropology and Practical Application Center (CAAAP). We would like to extend a special thanks to Fernanda Brenner, Ariel Tonglet, and the team in charge of the project  “300 Desenhos” for generously and voluntarily providing us with the website’s algorithm and source code to develop this project.



About the organizations supported

Coshikox (Shipibo-Konibo and Xetebo Council), founded in the city of Pucallpa in 2009, is a unitary, autonomous, representative, normative indigenous organization that promotes the sustainable development of the Shipibo-Konibo and Xetebo people. Based on economic development with identity, it seeks to achieve the necessary conditions for good living and thus lay the foundations for future indigenous self-government.

“The traditional cultural way of life, that is to say, the good life of the indigenous peoples, has suffered negative impacts and irreversible transgressions, among other factors, due to the current of globalization and the interference of the capitalist or monetary economy in almost all the Shipibo-Konibo communities. The traditional productive activities (indigenous economy) above all doing only what is indispensable remains more at local level. Nevertheless this modality now has very serious limitations in relation to the prevailing capitalist or monetary economy. The territory and their natural environment (communal forests) are no longer exactly our natural market, our pharmacy, and above all our vision of the Shipibo cultural universe faces serious difficulties.”

Ucamara Radio is located at the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañon rivers, the great tributaries of the Amazon River in Peru’s Amazonian region. Founded in 1992 as part of the Institute for the Social Promotion of the Amazon (IPSA), of the Apostolic Vicariate of Iquitos, it reaches listeners in more than 40 indigenous and riverside communities (Kichuas, Wampis, Achuar, Urarina, Omurano, Shawi, Omagua, Matses, Shipibos, among others), as well as the city of Nauta, which is the destination of many families and young people who migrate from their communities of origin in search of employment and education. Its mission is to rescue the Kukama culture and language and to socialize information to reinforce indigenous identity and strengthen communities that are facing strong and sudden changes and processes.

“With its programming, it seeks to contribute to the construction of a more just and equitable world, above all for peoples who, for centuries, have been marginalized from the political and economic life of the country, who have been displaced and dispossessed of their lands by the exploitation of natural resources such as rubber, wood and oil. Through its audiovisual production and educational work, Ucamara Radio makes visible the culture, memory, knowledge and life of the Kukama people, who inhabit the lower Marañón.”

The Apostolic Vicariate of Iquitos is ons of the eight Apostolic Vicariates, located in the Amazonic Peruvian rainforest, frontier with Colombia, Ecuador and Brasil. It is in Iquitos, capital of the province of Maynas and of the department of Loreto. Their work during the COVID-19 emergency is fundamental in the area, and recently managed to obtain through donations, the firt oxygen plant for Iquitos.

Participating artists:

Adriana Ciudad, Adriana Miyagusuku, Adrián Portugal, Aileen Gavonel, Alberto Borea, Alberto Patiño, Aldo Chaparro, Alejandro Jaime, Alexandra Colmenares, Alessandra Rebagliati, Alexandra Bornhorst, Alexia Pedal, Alfredo Márquez, Alice Wagner, Alina Canziani, Allison Valladolid, Álvaro Icaza, Alvaro Portales, Ana Cabrera, Ana Lucía García, Ana Prato Hilgert, Ana Rosa Benavides, Ana Teresa Barboza, Anamaria McCarthy, Andrea Beteta, Andrea Canepa, Andrea Elera, Andrea Ferrero, Andrea Tregear, Andrés Argüelles Vigo, Andrés Chávez Alcorta, Ángel Valdéz, Angela Torrejón, Angie Bonino, Antonio Paucar, Armando Andrade Tudela, Arturo Kameya, Astrid Soldevilla, Belén Gómez de la Torre, Benjamín Cieza, Berenice Diaz, Blas Isasi, Brus Rubio, C.J. Chueca, Camila Rodrigo, Camila Valdeavellano, Carla Higa, Carla Pando, Carlos León Xjimenez, Carlos Risco, Carlos Runcie Tanaka, Carmen Letts, Caro Arévalo, Carolina Casusol, Carolina Bazo, Carolina Cardich, Carolina Estrada Muñoz, Carolina Rieckhof, Casandra Tola, Cecilia Vicuña, César Augusto Ramírez, Charo Noriega, Chio Flores, Christian Bendayán, Christian Luza, Christians Luna, Cindy Ramírez, Clara Best, Claudia Coca, Claudia Martínez, Coki Merel, Christine Rottenbacher, Cristina Flores, Cynthia Capriata, Daniel Barclay, Daniel Castro Cordano, Daniel Martínez, Daniel Roque, Daniel Tremolada, Dante Murillo, David Slocum Hewson, Debrah Montoro, Delfina Nina Pinchi, Diana Riesco, Diego Lama, Diego Molina, Diego Paolo Ríos, Diego Vizcarra, Eduardo Tokeshi, Elena Damiani, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Eliana Otta, Elizabeth Vásquez, Emilia Curatola, Erik Bendix, Erika Vásquez, Eriván Phumpiú, Fabiola Gonzales Condori, Fátima Rodrigo, Fernando Nureña Cruz, Fidel, Fiorella Gonzáles Vigil, Flavia Gandolfo, Francisco Mariotti, Franco Galliani, Frank McCarthy, Gabriela Flores, Gabriel Alayza, Gala Berger, Genietta Varsi, Gianine Tabja, Gihan Tubbeh, Gilda Mantilla, Giorgio di Giovanni, Giuseppe Campuzano, GoctaLab (Gianna Olcese & Sergio Abugattas), Gonzalo Hernández, Graciela Arias, Gredna Landolt, Gustavo Emé, Harry Chávez, Héctor Delgado, Helga Elsner, Herbert Rodríguez, Hervé Miloux, Huanchaco, Huarac, Ibrain Cerebros, Ignacio Álvaro, Iliana Scheggia, Imayna Cáceres, Ingrid Pumayalla, Iosu Aramburu, Isabel Guerrero, Ishmael Randall-Weeks, Israel Tolentino, Ivana Ferrer, Ivonne Sheen, Jaime Higa, Jana Ugaz, Janine Soenens, Javi Vargas, Javier Bravo de Rueda, Jean Paul Zelada, Jerry B. Martin, Jesús Cossio, Jesús Ruiz Durand, Jimena Castaños, Jimena Chávez Delion, Jimena Kato, Jonathan Castro, Jorge Cabieses, Jorge Flores, Jorge Lévano, Jorge Maita, José Carlos Martinat, José Ignacio Iturburu, José Luis Carranza, José Luis Martinat, José María Denegri, José Vera, Josué Sánchez, Juan Acevedo, Juan Andrés Varela, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Juan Diego Tobalina, Juan Javier Salazar, Juan José Barboza-Gubo, Juan Pablo Murrugarra, Juan Salas Carreño, Julio Lugón, Karen Macher, Karina Huertas, Karla Zorrilla, Katherine Fiedler, Kathryn Paucar, Kenji Nakama, Kim McLauchlan, Koening Johnson, Krizia Zurita, Kylla Piqueras, Laura Cuadros, Lenin Auris, Leslie Spak, Lesly Egúsquiza, Lici Ramírez, Liliana Takashima, Lorena Arévalo, Lorena Noblecilla, Lorena Spelucín, Lorenzo Sandoval, Lucia Coz, Lucía Cuba, Lucia Monge, Lucy Angulo, Luis Enrique Zela-Koort, Luis García Zapatero, Luis Salcedo, Luz Letts, Luz María Bedoya, M Román, Marcel Velaochaga, Marco Carpio, Marco Pando, Margarita Checa, María Laso, Maribel Chávez, Marialejandra Lozano, Maricel Delgado, Marinés Agurto, Mario Curasi, Marisabel Arias, Martín Esquilme, Mauricio Delgado, Menta Days, Michelle Gleiser, Michelle Magot, Miguel Aguirre, Miguel Andrade, Miguel Ángel Polick, Miguel Cordero, Miguel Lescano, Mila Huby, Milagros Arias Secada, Moico Yaker, Muriel Holguín, Nancy La Rosa, Nani Cárdenas, Natalia Pilo-Pais, Natalia Revilla, Natalia Villanueva, Nemiye Pérez Mardini, Nereida Apaza, Olenka Macassi, Olga Engelmann, Olinda Silvano, Omar Castro, Pablo Ravina, Paloma Álvarez, Pamela Arce, Paola Franco, Paola Torres, Paola Vela, Patricia Vega, Patricia Villanueva, Patssy Higuchi, Philippe Gruenberg, Pierina Másquez, Piero Quijano, Rafael Freyre, Rafael Nolte, Raimond Chaves, Ralph Bauer, Raúl Chuquimia, Raúl Silva, Raura Oblitas, Rember Yahuarcani, Rhony Alhalel, Rita Ponce de León, Rocío Gomez, Romina Schulz, Ronny Camero, Rosamar Corcuera, Rossana López-Guerra, Rudolph Castro, Ryan Brown, Ryru Morioka, Sachiko Kobayashi, Salima Black, Salvador Velarde, Sandra Flores, Sandra Gamarra, Sandra Nakamura, Sandra Salazar, Santiago Quintanilla, Santiago Roose, Sebastián Cabrera, Seila Fernández Arconada, Sergio Verástegui, Sergio Zevallos, Shanery Obeso, Shila Acosta, Silvia Westphalen, Sofía Nakasone, Sofía Torres Kosiba, Solange Adum, Solange Jacobs, Susana Torres, Sylvia Fernández, Tania Bedriñana, Tania Brun, Teresa Borasino, Teresa Carvallo, Teté Leguía, Tilsa Otta, Úrsula Cogorno, Valentina Maggiolo, Valentino Sibadon, Valeria Ghezzi, Venuca Evanán Poma, Vered Engelhard, Verónica Luyo, Víctor Zuñiga, Violeta Quispe Yupari, Vivian Wolloh, Walter Astucuri, Wendy Weeks, Wilma Ehni, Wylly Medrano, Wynnie Mynerva, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Yaniré-Artista Visual.